High-Quality Medical Components


Quality of Our Products

Competitive Price

With medical device requirements becoming increasingly stringent, our strict quality control, impeccable machining precision, and a wide variety of material choices will meet and exceed all expectations.

Medical Product Tolerance Requirements

Our top-of-the-line, multi-axis, Swiss-style CNC lathes can provide our medical manufacturing customers with tolerances of ±0.0001in.

Various surface finishes are also available, ranging from machine-finish up to 8µm. Additionally, with both Y-axis machining and programming expertise, we have the capability to produce incredibly complex geometries.

If you have particularly stringent dimension and surface finish requirements,then you will be consistently pleased by our capabilities, regardless of the complexity of your required parts.

Broad Range of Material Options

Material choices are critical in the medical field, and with extensive options for materials ranging from medical-grade Titanium to plastics such as Acrylic, our material capabilities are endless.

We support production volumes ranging from 1 unit up to 100,000 units, and our experience ranges from small businesses who require single-part prototypes to large corporations requiring high volume production.

Turnkey Components

Millennium Precision has the resources to supply turnkey components requiring additional services such as heat treating, plating, grinding, polishing, and electroplating. Over the years we have built a strong network of suppliers in the industry that are always willing to support what our customer needs. Our supplier base is one of the best.

Committed to Quality

Millennium Precision is proudly ISO9001:2015 certified, which guarantees stringent quality control standards.

We guarantee that no part will exit the building without a meticulous inspection to ensure that the product meets and exceeds all requirements. Our inspection and documentation process can lead to valuable time savings for our customer’s when dealing with requirements associated with the medical field.