Effective Inventory Management Services

Many of our customers enjoy the flexibility of our inventory management service, which is available to ensure their Swiss precision CNC machined components are readily available on short notice. Effectively, inventory management ensures delivered products with the correct quantity, price, at the correct time, and place. By managing and overseeing these four major aspects of product delivery, Millennium Precision can provide peace-of-mind to our customers that may not have experience in effective inventory management. As part of this service we offer the following capabilities:



VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory Manufacturer System)

Stocking Programs

Unrivaled Experience and Capabilities

With our team’s combined 75+ years of experience, our customers do not have to worry about human error, which is the largest source of mistakes in managing inventory. We can allow our customers to focus on their products rather than spend time determining when to fill orders and the quantities needed. With our parts inventory management service in our capable hands, our customers save valuable time and resources that can focus on more important business tasks.

Our automated processes along with our experience mean we have the ability to track inventory instantaneously. Using reorder points in combination with Economic Order Quantities (EOQs) allows us to determine what number of required parts for our customer’s rapidly changing needs and when to fill orders.

Commitment to Quality

We take great pride in our ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 certification, which shows our devotion to quality control and thorough documentation. Every part or lot is cataloged, recorded, and tracked throughout the facility. We understand that our documentation standards are not rivaled by many, so we offer our services to ensure no part is lost even after leaving our doors.